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IPTV has finally arrived! You can now watch your favourite television stations/shows legally over the Internet with Apexia Voice and Data’s IPTV service powered by ATOPTV.  ATOPTV is one of the first Canadian corporations that holds a Class 1 BDU license (CRTC License #: 2010-771) for operating a subscription-based IPTV program that offers Canadian viewers a broad selection of live prime TV channels (currently 150+ channels).  You have found the best IPTV for Canadian channels from a real Ontario IPTV provider!  IPTV for business also available.

Please complete within Adobe Acrobat Reader (via Sign –> Fill & Sign) and email, fax or bring the completed application into our office. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader installed, Download Acrobat Reader.

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It is the delivery of television content over a private network of computers based on the Internet Protocol rather than through traditional terrestrial, satellite, and cable television formats.

A few things:

a) You need to subscribe to the IPTV plan Apexia is currently offering.  The plan is called “Skinny” at $25 per month which includes 25 channels.  Optionally, you may subscribe to the “Super Value Pack” which includes an additional 35 channels for $12 per month.  If there are channels that you want but are not included in either the “Skinny” or “Super Value Pack” you may purchase most of them for $4.00 each or, if you purchase five or more, they cost $3.00 each (some specialty channels have different pricing).  For plan details please download this document: IPTVChannels   To signup please download, complete and return this document: IPTVapplication

b) For each TV either an AppleTV device (minimum 4th generation) or Roku streaming stick+ or better (2016 or newer).  You may also use an Amazon TV Fire stick (2nd Gen, released 2019 or newer).

c) Internet service provided by Apexia with download speeds of at least 15 Mbps.

Cable Internet plans: CableApplication.pdf (Jupiter plan or faster) – Any qualifying location in Ontario and Quebec.

DSL Internet plans: ADSL2+UnltApplicationdDLB.pdf (Earth plan or faster).  This application form is for qualifying dry loop rate band B locations in Ontario and Quebec.  Please contact our office to determine what dry loop rate applies to your area.

No.  The Skinny plan is for residential use only.  The Lobby TV plan available here: IPTVLobbyApplication.pdf is IPTV for business and commercial use.

Best Buy, Canada Computers and Walmart sell these devices.  Just make sure you buy the correct version (see 2b).

If you only use the Internet service for watching TV the service will usually still work but otherwise if you are using the Internet connection at the same time for other things (ie. web browsing, emailing, etc.) you may experience temporary buffering of the video stream.

That depends.  If you subscribe to an Internet service of at least 15 Mbps (plus IPTV and phone services) then you will receive a $10 “Triple Play” discount on your monthly invoice.  Click here for the signup form.  If you subscribe to an Internet service less than 15 Mbps then you don’t qualify for the discount.

No.  These offers will not expire and are available to new and existing customers.  Please feel free to forward this information to your friends.  Also, for every person you refer to Apexia who signs up for service you will receive something from Apexia as a thank-you.

The lowest cost bundle is obtained by subscribing to the Jupiter cable Internet service, IPTV Skinny service and the Apexia Canada phone service.  If you purchase the Internet modem and VOIP adapter your monthly cost would be $93.95 + HST. 

As everything relies on the Internet we would recommend the fastest Internet service available to you.  We also recommend using a single-port modem and getting yourself the best wireless WiFi-6 compatible router you can afford as we find the wireless capabilities of the cable and DSL modem/router combos are not as good as standalone wireless routers.  If you want your services to remain working during a power failure then you also require a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) or battery backup to plug your devices into.  A UPS will also extend the life of the devices plugged into it so it is highly recommended.  We’ve had good success with the APC brand which Best Buy, Canada Computers and Staples sell.

Feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have regarding the ATOPTV IPTV service offered by Apexia Voice and Data.

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