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What is it?

With the growing use of cell phones, and the rising prices of regular phone services, more and more people are cancelling their regular phone service to save money, but they are then left without a phone line for DSL Highspeed internet.

Dry Loop / Dry DSL / Naked DSL is a DSL service that does not require the user to have a traditional phone line.

  • One use for a dry loop is to provide DSL service to a place (business or residential location) which does not have an active phone line. Such a DSL connection is also called "naked DSL"

  • Many people and businesses now use a VOIP phone service in conjunction with dry loop (naked DSL) to bypass having to deal directly with a telephone company and instead can use a more customer friendly local Internet Service Provider such as Apexia Voice and Data located in Barrie, Ontario.

We are currently providing Residential and Business plans for dry loop services.

.A dry loop (also known as a dry pair) is an unconditioned leased pair of telephone wire from a phone company. The pair may or may not have a dial-tone but in either case phone calls cannot be made to or from such a line. 


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