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Secure Online Backup
Backup and restore your files using your Internet connection.

Apexia-Secure Online Backup

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Why do I need online backup?

Don't fall into the old paradigm of "it will never happen to me." We hear about it every day, someone loses everything on their computer and they have no backup to restore their files from. Whether it be a system crash, a computer virus, physical damage to the computer or some combination, there are many things that can happen to your computer that can cause in loss of your data. Whatever you use the computer for, business, writing, personal affairs, photo storing, there are things on your computer that you just do not want to lose should the worst happen.

Ultimately you can almost always recover your files through data recovery or something of the like, this is a very time-consuming and expensive process and one that you cannot perform yourself unless you are an experienced computer programmer.

While there is certainly a chance that you will never have a need for the backups you make of your files, if something does happen to your computer you will certainly be glad that you have them. And you do not have to backup your entire computer, although this is certainly something that many people do, but only the files that are of the most importance to you.

Some things are easily replaced, and there is no need to backup these sorts of things, but those irreplaceable documents or files that are yours and yours alone should be saved in a place where they cannot be damaged. That way, no matter what happens to your computer, you can have security in the fact that all of your files are available in backup.

Data protection has become a critical component in any organization's business continuity plans. Today's business professionals are responsible for ensuring uninterrupted operation and immediate recovery of data. Faced with increasingly narrow recovery windows and "zero tolerance" for disruption they will have no choice but to look outside the box for recovery solutions.

With its ability to quickly and efficiently perform backup and recovery, Apexia's Online Backup service is responding to the business demands of today.

  • Your data is stored securely off-site.
  • Set-up and installation is quick and simple.
  • Works out cheaper than traditional tape-based backup solutions (after taking into consideration capital costs of equipment, media, and staff costs).
  • Backup and data recovery can be simpler and quicker than more traditional methods.
  • Restore multiple versions of files -- this can be useful if you need to go back to an earlier version of a document for any reason.
Online Backup Rates
Description Price
Desktop or Server licence $4.00/month
Additional licences $1.25/month
Storage space $0.55/GB/month

No installation fees!  An Apexia technician will come to your site and install the software at no charge.  This is to ensure your data is safe and backs up reliably.

Desktop applies to: Windows XP, 2000, Vista 32/64-bit, 7 32/64-bit, Mac X, 10.4 and higher

Server applies to: Windows server 2003, 2008, Mac OS X server

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