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Residential Plans


Please print out and mail, fax or bring the completed application into our office.
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Data Transfer

300 GB

Download Speed

Up to 6 Mbps

Upload Speed

Up to .8 Mbps

IP Address Included

1 Dynamic

Monthly Fee


Dry Loop Monthly Charge


Receive a 5% discount when paying on a quarterly basis and 10% discount when paying on a yearly basis

Required Equipment:

A highspeed DSL modem is required for this service. A single port modem can be purchased from Apexia Voice and Data for $50.00 or rented for $5.00/month.

Another option is using a 4-port wireless DSL modem/router which can be purchased for $95.00 or rented for $10.00/month.

Installation Options:

There are 2 installation options with the DSL residential service. In order for the DSL residential service to work you must have an installed and working NIC (Network Card). Installation of a NIC will incur an additional Hardware cost on the Apexia install and/or the In home install.

  • Self Install - $20
  • In Home Install - $75 + hardware costs

Additional Option:

Static IP Address $5.00/month

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