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Please print out and mail, fax or bring the completed application into our office.
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Are you getting tired of waiting for your email to download or for a website to come up and highspeed Internet access is not available to you? If so Apexia Voice and Data has a solution for you. We have licensed a technology we call Extreme Dialup accelerator.

This service provides a distributed system, accelerating internet access for dialup users through proprietary technology, including compression, caching, smart routing, persistent connections and other technological means.

We have access to a network of proxy servers throughout North America . A browser-requested page goes through the proxy server closest to the client and the server performs compression. In addition, this system caches on both the client and the proxy server.

To use this service only requires you to download and install a program of about 1MB. There is no spy-ware in this software... there's no room for it!

This technology boosts your regular dialup speed up to 5 times!

Imagine webpage loading and email being 5 times faster than you are currently experiencing. You also have the option to stop pop-up and banner ads from appearing in webpages. Now you will be able to access the information you're looking for without having to click on those annoying ads.

Sounds like a service worth $8 or $9 per month as some providers are doing but Apexia Voice and Data is providing this service to their customers for only $5.50 per month! Non Apexia Voice and Data internet customers are charged $6.50 per month. You can save even more by paying on a quarterly (5%) or yearly (10%) basis. We even have a 100% money back guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the service and you cancel your account within the first 5 days of service we will refund all your money!

After receiving your application we will send you an email with instructions on downloading the software and the necessary access code.

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